Peniel Okwuchukwu’s

“Whispered Screams”

Is the #1 Best Selling Author’s most powerful, surprising, awareness and suspenseful thriller yet.

JERRY Miracle,

the daughter to a Nigerian Billionaire properly understands the quote

“Love your neighbour as you love yourself”

But how can she love the devil in the same manner as she loves herself?

After living so long in agony, she resolves to end her pain, but one wrong move would be the difference between her freedom and her bondage

Ujunwa Zoe,

an English educator and counselor is invested in excellence and humanitarianism

She believes that passion should be chased at all cost, but when her life becomes the price to be paid, she fears that this time passion might be too expensive

Umunna Victor,

a wannabe rapper and enthusiastic soul is woken up for the first time in fourteen years and he can’t believe the villains are now the ones in charge.

Now understanding the world for how cruel it is, he is stuck between his desire to save, and his need to stay safe

Peculiar to the best custom of 21st century literature, Whispered Screams is only complete with Peniel Okwuchukwu’s signature of extraordinary storytelling abilities and layers of intrigue deeply woven into every page of the book

From the #1 bestselling author
Peniel Okwuchukwu


Never has much light and awareness been raised towards issues striving youths are faced with…



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Here’s what other Authors and readers have to say

Kingsley Obom-Egbulem

“Whispered Screams unearths one of family’s
darkest secrets, paternal dysfunctions and our society’s failings. An interesting read indeed!”

Anthonia Ojenagbon

“Peniel Okwuchukwu has done a great job by opening the space for us to discuss one of our most kept secrets”.

Mrs. Lynda Olumese

“I personally, love his story-telling mastery and the wisdom is deploying that rare ability to inform us of an issue less talked about by even the adult world”.

Anthonia Ojenagbon

“This book resonates with me and I can only hope every person going through sexual abuse gets to read it and find the courage to open up and find help”

"You would read this book and wish it never ends. With its compelling storyline properly embedded in talented writing, Peniel makes sure this is inevitable"

–Dr Mrs Irene Chris Chima, Permanent Secretary, Ministry Of Agriculture And Food Security, Imo State.

"The beauty of this work is in the nuances it paints. Whispered Screams is refreshingly different, it is one strong voice that will keep echoing long after you are done reading."

–Jide Badmus, Author Of Scripture & There Is A Storm In My Head.

"This book is highly recommended not only to teenagers and youths, but also to all parent. It will also be of immense benefit to schools for literature, guiding and counselling."

–RT Hon Alwell Asiforo Okere (Ph.D.), Hon Commissioner For Energy And Mineral Resources Abia State.

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